About Us


Imaged Advertising Creations has quickly grown to become one of the most elite full service visual communications company in Toronto, Canada. Our team consists of seasoned veterans that are able to always fulfill our customer’s needs. We are dedicated to ensuring that our product and services meet the standards that our clients have come to know. We help our customer MAKE A STATEMENT every time they interact with their audience.

What We Do


 We have the unique ability to be able to produce graphics on different medias up to ten feet wide seamlessly. We are constantly updating our machines and systems to the newest technologies available.  IAC uses state of the art software that allows us the ability to sync your branding logo so that it always looks like exactly what you want, whether it is a business card or a 10’ backdrop. We are keen on maintaining a consistent quality product at all times.



Imaged Advertising Creations was founded in 2007. IAC was started in order to accommodate the needs of our clientele while creating a level of service that cannot be found elsewhere. In the companies nine year existence we have seen massive growth and extraordinary change. We recently moved from our old, 10,000 sqft building to our new state of the art 27,000 sqft facility in order to accommodate the extreme growth we have been going through. IAC looks to be an industry leader and we continue to push towards that goal every day.

G7 Colour Masters Certification

Here at IAC we are G7 certified, which in layman's terms means that we are colour experts. We ensure that your brand colours are spot on across all mediums. Including our highly weather resistant tent fabric. Contact us today to learn more!