Art Specifications



Here at Imaged Advertising Creations we strive to bring you the highest quality product in an efficient and cost effective manner. In order to speed up the process we are providing our customers with an online "how to" guide on exactly how we like files to be setup. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call our office. Otherwise please refer to the instructions below for our file specifications.









File Submission:


Please visit our WeTransfer channel to submit files.


File Formats:


We strongly recommend you provide your files as high-resolution PDF File with bleed. However, we also accept

the following native file formats:


Adobe Illustrator // Adobe InDesign // Adobe Photoshop //

Image file formats including TIFF, EPS, JPG


When sending native files, please ensure to include all fonts and linked images along with low resolution PDF

softproof. Do not embed images


Colour Modes:


Your files should always be in CMYK, anything else may result in a colour shift when other colour modes are

converted into CMYK. Art submissions with specific Pantone Color call outs will automatically be converted to

CMYK. If your job is color sensitive, please contact us for information and pricing on color matching services.


Preferred Resolution:


For large format at final size, the preferred resolution for artwork is 100DPI. For small format, the preferred resolution

for artwork is 300DPI.




A 1/4” bleed is required on all four sides of your artwork. Bleed is extended artwork on all sides of the artwork to

allow for finishing variance. Items such as background and design elements should always extend out of the trim

margin. Failing to provide bleed information and crop marks can result in the printed product showing a thin

area of white on the edge. If your file does not consist of bleed, it will be rejected by our pre-press department

and we will request for a new file with bleed. This will result in delaying the completion of your job. Some applications may require different bleed dimensions, please consult your customer service representative for details.


Safety Margins:


Safety margins are guidelines that help you keep important elements of your design away from the edge of your

artwork and/or away from required finishing. It is also important to note that in many instances finishing options

determine safety margin requirements. Please consult with your IAC customer service representative if you’re unsure of safety margin requirements and appropriate bleed.




Overprinting refers to the process of printing one colour on top of another. If you do not want this to happen

make sure that the overprint options are turned o and switched to knockout in your document.


Transparency Issues with Pantone Matching System:


Transparency effects are generally not preferred in printing, and only on screen. It causes ripping issues and

elements to disappear. To prevent this, do not use any shadow, glows and transparency on top of a spot

colour – always convert your spot colour to CMYK before using any transparency effects.




The proof provided is a low resolution file for content proofing only! If we created your artwork, please examine

your proof closely to make sure no spelling mistakes or other errors. We are not responsible for any errors on the

artwork upon approval.





If you have any other questions regarding our file specifications please contact our office

and one of our customer service representatives will be more then happy to help you.








G7 Colour Masters Certification

Here at IAC we are G7 certified, which in layman's terms means that we are colour experts. We ensure that your brand colours are spot on across all mediums. Including our highly weather resistant tent fabric. Contact us today to learn more!