Finishing is where our freshly printed graphics become the amazing products that our customers have come to know. Here at IAC all of our products are held to the highest of standards. Our phenomenal production team makes sure that these standards are met and that each and every product that goes out our doors will exceed the customers expectations. If you have any questions about our finishing process please feel free to contact our office.


Cross stands, weight bags or augers...

Silicone Beading

Snap and click will do the trick. Make a statement.

Hook & Loop

A frameless system that is easy to install.


Stands and bags for all your portable graphic needs


Tight seals to ensure strong long lasting products.


Portable and reusable, create a wall on the go.

G7 Colour Masters Certification

Here at IAC we are G7 certified, which in layman's terms means that we are colour experts. We ensure that your brand colours are spot on across all mediums. Including our highly weather resistant tent fabric. Contact us today to learn more!