Utilizing our grommet system and signature banner vinyl, this product is a cost-effective option for any outdoor event.

Available in two sizes, we can provide the best solution for your visual communication needs. With tidy packaging and

simplistic design this product allows for stress free setup as well as transportation. Gain incredible brand exposure at your

next event with our signature outdoor vinyl banner frame.



IAC boasts an impressive end to end finishing department that can see your product through to a complete solution.  In house sewing, hardware solutions, and qualified staff to ensure we deliver on time every time.



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The a-frame style structure of this product creates a rigid base that can withstand some of the harshest conditions. There is a middle support bar that snaps into place to lock the structure in the open position, Ensuring that your graphic stays visible throughout your whole event. The frame can then easily fold together for easy, space saving transportation.


Our easy to use hardware utilizes a push and pull system that minimizes your setup time while still maximizing your brand exposure. The hardware is made of high-grade aluminum making the whole system extremely light weight as easily transportable. The rubber connectors create a tight seal ensuring that the entire structure stays rigid.


Your graphic will always look stunning while using this frame because it utilizes a bungee cord like system to keep the banner taught. This ensures that there are no wrinkles or seams in your investment. These connectors are easily moved to match the grommets on your banner whether they are 18” or 24“ apart.


Hems, pockets or grommets...we'll you get you to the finish line and ensure you make a statement.

G7 Colour Masters Certification

Here at IAC we are G7 certified, which in layman's terms means that we are colour experts. We ensure that your brand colours are spot on across all mediums. Including our highly weather resistant tent fabric. Contact us today to learn more!