Are You Setting Up your Files Correctly?

Print production is not something that is typically taught at the fine education institutions across our nation. They teach the designers of tomorrow how to be creative and truly portray the message that was intended by the marketing team. They teach things such as typography, layout, and other skills to create visually appealing campaigns.

However, we are here to tell you that having the ability to create print ready files is something that every designer needs to add to their tool belt. Now we understand that every print shop may have different requests when it comes to how they would like you to setup the files. We are not saying their ways are wrong or that ours are better. We truly just want to give our readers a resource to help them, a: learn the basics of setting up print ready files and B: Educate them on our process and our requirements for file setup.

We understand that most designers are visual learners. This is why we created the below infographic so that we can easily and effectively translate the message we are trying to get across.

If you have any questions about file setup or our process feel free to contact us. Our doors are always open and we welcome the chance to educate people with our many years of experience.

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