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What Is A VFX Lightbox?

Our custom fabric light box technology is a great way to enhance any high quality graphic. Designed to add a “wow” factor to your project, our custom frames are made to order and can produced to your exact specifications. 

Our light box technology is made up of our existing VFX fabric (SEG) systems with high quality LED lights in a variety of configurations.


Where Can I Use A Lightbox?

Our light box technology is extremely versatile and can be utilized in almost any standard graphic application. Typically light box technology is used in the retail, event, and exhibit industries. However, it is not limited to these applications and our team of experts can help you to decide if VFX light box technology is the right fit for your project.

Which Extrusion Is Best?

VFX light box technology is unfortunately not available with every extrusion that we offer. Due to the depth factor our light box systems start at the VFX 55 extrusion. 

Finding the right extrusion for your SEG graphic project can seem like a daunting task. However, our team of experts are here to help you make the best decision for your project. As well, we have a full catalogue of our most popular extrusions available for you to download now.

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VFX Lightbox Frames FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Where do we start?! The benefits of dye sublimation fabric printing are almost endless. However, the two main benefits are shipping costs and installation time/ease.

Absolutely! The majority of the exhibit industry utilizes some form of a VFX frame to build their booths. Lightbox technology is not limed to the size of the project.

The main difference between standard VFX frames and lightbox technology is the “wow” factor. VFX lightboxes have actually been proven to capture the attention of the consumer five times better than standard graphics.

The cost of a VFX lightbox is more expensive than your standard frame. However, if you have the budget it will enhance any project that it is utilized on. Prices are quoted on a made to order manner.

We understand that the majority of your projects are extremely time sensitive. We have two shifts running 16 hours a day in order to facilitate your needs. Typically our lead times are 3-5 business days upon graphic approval. This will be dependent on quantity, so please contact us for a custom quote

Yes. We are partnered with some of the best installers across North America and can facilitate all of your needs. With over 10 years experience servicing a wide array of industries, we are experts in project logistics. 

There isn’t a limitation on the size of the VFX  SEG frame that we can produce. However, dependent on the applications, certain sizes may be prone to failure. Talk to one of our experts today to find out the best solution for you.

Yes! We have multiple extrusions to fit your needs. Talk to one of our experts or download our catalogue to find out which extrusion is best for you.

Our VFX lightboxes cannot be used outdoors. Our systems are primarily designed for indoor use. We can work with you to figure out the best solution if you are looking for outdoor products.

Usually the transformer for a lightbox is placed on the inside of the frame. You can specify where you would like it placed by working with one of our experts to ensure it is done correctly

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