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What Is VFX?

A Visual Fabric Extrusion is a lightweight aluminum system that utilizes a SEG (silicone edged graphic) graphic to showcase your artwork. Primarily designed to work with dye sublimation fabric prints, this system is easy to install, reduces shipping costs and has a multitude of applications.

Where Can I Use VFX?

There is a wide array of applications for our VFX fabric system. For the most part, traditional graphics (vinyl) can be replaced with a VFX fabric frame.

This system is utilized primarily in the events & exhibits industries for its simplicity. However, we are starting to see industries such as interior design, and retail adopt this option more and more for their graphic needs.

Which Extrusion Is Best?

We have multiple VFX extrusions to fit your exact project needs. However, every option is unique in its own self. Our veteran team is always available to help you make the best decision for your project. We also have a brief catalogue of our most popular extrusions that you can access by clicking the button below.

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VFX Frames FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Where do we start?! The benefits of dye sublimation fabric printing are almost endless. However, the two main benefits are shipping costs and installation time/ease.

Absolutely! The majority of the exhibit industry utilizes some form of a VFX frame to build their booths.

Dependent on the material, some of fabrics will crease when folded. However, the majority of our fabric will see the creases disappear once tensions in their frames. 

The initial cost of fabric graphic systems is more expensive than traditional vinyl graphics. However, due to the decreased shipping costs, and decreased installation cost (including graphic swaps),  it eventually evens itself out.

We understand that the majority of your projects are extremely time sensitive. We have two shifts running 16 hours a day in order to facilitate your needs. Typically our lead times are 3-5 business days upon graphic approval. This will be dependent on quantity, so please contact us for a custom quote

Yes. We are partnered with some of the best installers across North America and can facilitate all of your needs. With over 10 years experience servicing a wide array of industries, we are experts in project logistics. 

Yes! We have multiple extrusions to fit your needs. Talk to one of our experts or download our catalogue to find out which extrusion is best for you.

There isn’t a limitation on the size of the VFX  SEG frame that we can produce. However, dependent on the applications, certain sizes may be prone to failure. Talk to one of our experts today to find out the best solution for you.

No. Due to the custom nature of the solution it is difficult to offer custom carrying bags. All of our VFX SEG frames will come wrapped together when you initially receive them.

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