Mother Nature Strikes Again – The Importance Of Material Testing

If you are a business owner in Canada you can understand that old man winter can put a beating on your beautifully designed wind flags. Your flags are what help customer recognize your business and ultimately draw in potential sales. Ensuring that your investment maintains its look all year round is essential to brand exposure and to your business.

Many companies do not take the time to truly test their materials and their finishing process so that their product can withstand harsh weather conditions. This leads to ripped/torn flags and can cause customers to think less of your brand. For a great example of this please refer to the photo below.

As you can see winters fury can really take a toll on your investment. Even though you do not sell this product it still leaves customers with a bad taste in their mouth. This is not your fault of you, the business owner, as you did not produce this product. However, consumers will never understand this, all they see is the a torn up flag with your name on it.

The purpose of this blog post is not to sell you anything. IAC wants to simply show you why product testing is so important. This is something we do regularly at IAC and it just so happened that this winter truly put our flags to the test.

As you can see in this image one of our flags was pushed to its limits by a severe ice storm in the middle of February 2017. The flag was completely bent in half, with the top touching the ground. We would like to add that this flag is around 14ft tall and has been outside of our office since the beginning of July 2016.

Many of you may be thinking that after this storm we would of had to replace this flag because it had ripped or the hardware had snapped. We are proud to say that this was not the case!

This photo was taken the very next day! After all the ice had melted and the flag had returned to its former glory. We did not have to replace the flag or the hardware. The only minor adjustment we had to do was to reposition the spike that was in the ground (it had dug itself a nice hole). We would say that is pretty good for a flag that 12 hours before looked like it was at the end of its life!

All-in-all we want to educate our consumers that cheaper is not always better! Do you due diligence before deciding on which company to use. We take pride in our real world testing so that your product is long lasting and durable.

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COVID-19 Update

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