Dusted Crystal Vinyl On Glass

Unique Applications For Privacy Vinyl

Dusted crystal has always been a great solution to create a sense of privacy within any space. However, the application itself is hindered by the creative limitations of the mind. If we take a step back and begin to think outside the box, we can see that the product itself is capable of so much more. This post will not only showcase these unique applications, but hopefully spark new ideas within its readers.

Traditionally, dusted crystal is cut into specified lengths and applied to an office space in order to create a sense of privacy for the occupants within. The functionality of this application is fantastic. However, with more and more office spaces looking to “spice up” their environments, this out of date aesthetic will no longer cut it. Below is a breakdown of unique ways that we have seen this product applied.

  • Wayfinding

Utilizing the power of a CNC machine, dusted crystal can contain wayfinding elements that organize your office space and add a simple pop of design. In the example below the client wanted to number each of their conference rooms while having a small graphic to better show what type of meeting capacity is suggested for the space.

  • A Pop Of Colour

Adding a subtle colour element to privacy vinyl is a great way to enhance any space while keeping the overall design polished and simplistic. In the example below the school decided to add a pop of their brand colours above and below the privacy vinyl.

  • Branding Elements

A logo is the staple of any good brand. Why not show it off? Dusted crystal is a great way to create a functional branding element within your office space. In the image below, they needed to create a sense of privacy while covering a large surface area.

  • Abstract vinyl

In certain situations, dusted crystal is not necessarily utilized to create a sense of privacy. It is simply applied to add a subtle design element to an otherwise boring section of a space. Below are a couple examples to spark your creativity.

If you would like to learn more about this unique application, email us at info@iacgobig.com or call 416-493-8888

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